Monday, July 29, 2013

When We are Ill: Lessons from Nature

The Ancients were much more aware than we Moderns of the cycles of Nature. They even worshipped their symbolic representations, like the Sun’s. The energy and Light therefrom was at the very center of their lives, hence the expression “Igne Natura Renovatum Integra,” which means that the Fire of Nature Renovates Everything: their crops, their bodies, the Earth and their known Universe. Modern Physics has proven them correct.

As Cindy Marteney wrote last month in Our Health Co-op's newsletter, emotional/psychological/spiritual issues are extremely important to our health. They impact cellular health as much, if not more, than nutrition and environmental issues. The Ancients knew that, too: “Lux Inens Nos Agit,” or the Fire/Light within Causes us to Go. They knew that the Light within is the same Light that fuels the Earth. And it peaks and flows not only in Nature-think of the seasons of the year-but in our lives.

And so it is that our lives are checkered with good and bad times. Chances are that you read these newsletters because you have a health concern. It may seem to you that you are suffering for no good reason. The darkness of night may overwhelm you. Will there be Light tomorrow?

The dreary months of autumn, winter may overwhelm you-unless you live in Florida and Southern California. You yearn for the warmth of renewed Light of spring and summer. So it is with health and disease. Knowing that disease will yield to health-if we are patient in changing the lifestyle that often creates the problems-brings comfort in our suffering.

Darkness serves to contrast Light, or else you could not read the words on this page. And if some of us never recover in this lifetime, there is the Hope of a new life in the Hereafter, for those of us who Believe. In the meantime, we may be satisfied the suffering, diseases, and bad times are transitory and a necessary part of growth and learning.

One of the main things we learn from suffering and disease is compassion for the suffering of our fellowman. Helping them with their burdens is a balm to their and our soul. So, as you suffer, see if you can find a fellow-traveler who needs you to carry his/her burden for a spell. It will do much to lighten your load, too.

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