Monday, May 27, 2013

Bread and Circus, or read my new book

The Romans figured it out: to govern a vast Empire made up of different tribes and restless people they only needed to provide them with plenty of "Panem et Circum," Bread and Circus, or cheap food and cheap entertainment.

Sounds familiar?

You could lay back, grab a diet coke, a few twinkies and some M&Ms (they are back!) and surf the Net (don't dive too deep!) in search of The Lohan's latest misadventure, or...

Get a digital copy (soon in paperback format) of my new book "Gut Health: an Integrative Light Metabolic Approach to Optimize Your Health."

True, it is a little deep, redolent with cutting edge science, but, then you would be honoring another Roman maxim, "Salut Populi Suprema Lex," or The Health of the People is the Supreme Law of the Land."


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