Friday, August 24, 2012

Integrative Health Conference at the University of Utah

September 7th and 8th the University of Utah is hosting its inaugural Conference on Integrative Health, thus joining many other Universities, and 1/3 of Medical Schools that offer instructions in this field to the public and/or students.
If you are interested, check out the “University of Utah” folder on my website or simply call 801-571-2111.
One half of the speakers are professors at the University and the School of Medicine. They will focus on the burgeoning evidence that has made this field a necessity at all levels of our society. Said evidence has been there all along; now, it has risen to the most august of journals, including J. Scientific American, Nature and Science. It is time to pay attention.
Integrative Health, with its emphasis on nutrition, mind-body and environmental issues, in my opinion, holds the key to the problems that bedevil our health care system. It is now ready for prime time.
Hope to see you at the conference.