Friday, May 25, 2012

Sugar, Commercials, and ADD

A while back I had a discussion with a professor who felt there is nothing wrong with sugar, particularly High Fructose Corn Syrup. I felt she had been watching those commercials on TV paid by the Sugar Association of America, rather than reading the latest medical and nutritional journals. Are you also getting your health information from the former?

No, there isn’t anything wrong with sugars that are found in Mother Nature’s unprocessed foods. Our cell membranes in each cell and vital cell pathways like protein DNA functions must have the right sugars, (Glycosylation, Glycobiology—J. Science, cover issue March 23rd 2001[1]) fats and proteins. The problem is refined and processed foods. They basically hinder optimal function at the cellular level.
But, if you still believe that Big Food has your best interest at heart, rather than profits at all costs, I will say no more, but merely hope that reading the latest article on this subject may have an impression on you:
Effects of high-fructose corn syrup and sucrose on thepharmacokinetics of fructose and acute metabolic and hemodynamic responses inhealthy subjects,                                                     Journal Metabolism Clinical and Experimental 2012;61:641

Blood pressure, heart rate, fructose, and a variety of other metabolic biomarkers were measured. Fructose area under the curve and maximum concentration, dose-normalized glucose area under the curve and maximum concentration, relative bioavailability of glucose, changes in postprandial concentrations of serum uric acid, and systolic blood pressure maximum levels were higher when HFCS-sweetened beverages were consumed as compared with sucrose-sweetened beverages. Compared with sucrose, HFCS leads to greater fructose systemic exposure and significantly different acute metabolic effects.”
Translation: processed sugars like HFCS make you fat.
For more information read my book “LICKING SWEET DEATH: Energy & Information to stop sugar-coating your addiction to processed food.”[2]
Exhibit A: ADD and the brain

Last month I saw a patient that will not soon fade from memory. While I have seen many cases like hers before, her presentation was so unique and the results so dramatic that I thought I would share her story with you: B_______ is a 7 year old little princess who came in with her mom. She wondered about my skull on the shelf. “That is from a kid who would not buckle up in the car.” Then her attention shifted to my leather-bound antique books. “They are in French. Would you like to read one?” “Yes.” So, she sat there while I took the initial history from her mother who had come in to see me for the first time the month before. Mom, with a change in diet (no processed foods) and a few supplements, got rid of constipation, food allergies and migraines. She had asked back then if her little girl, B____, could do the diet, too.
After some initial drama, B_____ also got rid of processed foods. By the time I saw her as a new patient she had overcome her allergies, asthma and constipation. But, most important of all, her ADD, which was confirmed by her Pediatrician and school teacher, was totally gone. B_____ is now scoring very high in reading comprehension and has avoided Special Ed for “learning disabilities.” Her mother also related that she had been upset that the only treatment offered before was 2 psychiatric medications.
While I was typing all the above in her chart, B______ remained absorbed in Rousseau, occasionally lifting her head to ask what some word meant…..
You may be interested in a study that just came out: HFCS diet impairs cognitive function. This is reversed by supplementing Omega oils. This protocol has also been shown to be helpful in military PTSD.[3]

[1] J. Science 2001;291:2263-25

[2]Shameless plug…..
[3] J. of Physiology May 1st 2012