Monday, December 21, 2009

Doctors Weigh in on Health Care Reform

Dermatologists feel reform is a rash decision
Gastroenterologists are getting heartburn over it
Internists feel it is a bitter pill to swallow
Gynecologists feel it is a bloody issue
Obstetricians expect changes to be delivered
Plastic surgeons want a new face on it
Surgeons wash their hands of it
Anesthesiologists think it is a gas
Pediatricians feel legislators need to grow up
Psychiatrists feel they are crazy in D.C.
And Proctologists think the A******* in D.C. are messing the whole thing up.

I am a Family Practitioner, but I agree with the Proctologists.

It is shameful how the outcome of health care reform seems to be shaping up as predicted: the big winners are the AMA, Big Pharma and Insurance companies. After all, they each spent over $10 million in lobbying.

Forget the public. Our Republic has descended into FASCISM, or the alliance of government and corporations.

If you have not started to look into self-sufficiency, community connections and food storage, you need to get going.


At June 6, 2010 at 12:08:00 PM PDT , Blogger Barbara Huttinga said...

Ya, the Mormans and Seventh Day Advanist were on the right track years ago! Now, more than ever they need to reinfore it. Good tip.


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