Monday, November 9, 2009

Docs on Coke

The Deseret News reported November 5th 2009 that the American Academy of Family Physicians formed an alliance with Coca-Cola, ostensibly to advise the public about soft drinks and health. Coca-Cola will give the Academy hundreds of thousands of dollars on the deal.

This is sick. Many doctors are quitting the Academy over this.

If the public needs advice on soft drinks I will do it for free: DON’T DRINK LIQUID CANDY AT ALL!

If you want to study the evidence against soft drinks send me your Email and I will attach the references I have found over the years about the health problems we see with soft drinks.

This is a glaring example of what is wrong with our Health Care system: it has become a business, despite the evidence and the history that health care does not behave like a business. While we all need to make a living, I believe that the system itself should be not-for-profit. Which leads, like everything else, to health care reform; it won’t do a bit of good to haggle over how to finance the present dysfunctional system, unless we put prevention and wellness in front where it belongs.


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