Monday, June 8, 2009

Still around…

Sorry I have not had time to blog.

I have been too busy studying for my Family Practice Boards (every 7 years.) It’s quite an ordeal for me; I have to memorize a lot of stuff (excessive pharmaceutical treatments taking precedence over nutritional, environmental and emotional issues) I don’t emphasize in my practice.

Nevertheless, I must remain up to date for many reasons, one of which is to get reimbursed by insurance companies who continue to dismiss the fact our practice saves them thousands of dollars, even though they have seen the future of health care; more social responsibility.

They are a bit concerned that their golden goose is threatened. Surely you saw right through their attempt to appear cooperative when the met with Mr. Obama last month at the White House, only to later oppose the plans to start a Public Health Insurance. Despite the plan being proposed to increase competition, a word they love, they fear they will be left in the dust.

If they truly believe in competition they would welcome the proposed addition. Perhaps they fear that, just like Medicare, the new plan will have a much lower cost due to lower overhead costs (more efficiency,) like Medicare; that is 5% compared to their bloated 15-25% overhead.

But, back to the Board Exam (next month.)

It turns out that this time around the exam-makers have finally added questions on non-pharmaceutical treatments; the evidence for some of these treatments cannot be denied any longer. They are asking doctors to bone up on treatments like:

Saw Palmetto: prostate problems
St John’s Wort: depression
Bilberry and other antioxidants: macular degeneration
Feverfew: migraines
Omega oils: heart and many other conditions
Sulfur: bladder
Vitamin D: osteoporosis, insulin resistance
Acetic acid, mineral/olive oils: ear canal infections
Capsaicin (red peppers:) shingles, burning mouth syndrome
Glucosamine: bones

Even though this is a very shy list, it is the first time my board exam includes this sort of things. I am sure the list will get longer. Maybe it will even be halfway decent by the time I retire….


At June 16, 2009 at 11:50:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on your boards!
Glad to hear the profession is moving forward, even if at a snail's pace.
This health care legislation debate is truly depressing. Everyone knows that we must solve the 'crisis' but few understand that what is at stake is our survival as a country. The fact that a large portion of personal bankruptcies (and therefore foreclosures) are related to medical expenses is sick--meaning disgusting. We cannot expect to survive as a thriving nation with that millstone around our necks. But heaven forbid that we have a 'single payer' insurance system. "We" certainly wouldn't want to cut off the spigot of money that goes to those wonderfully benevolent insurance companies. They, who rarely deny claims and are happy to insure those who need it most!
You always say, "Follow the money." That is true to the nth degree in this case and has been forever. The people that represent us in Washington, D.C. are so easily swayed by the lobbyists that the public has to scream by the millions to be even considered in the debate. We have to keep speaking out.
Voices like yours are invaluable because you have the experiences and the scars to show for it.


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