Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Heart's Code -- A Must Read

Through a series of "fortunate events," this book, The Heart's Code by Dr Paul Pearsall (Broadway Books, 1998,) ended up in my hands. I highly recommend it to you. I hope it has the same profound impact it had on my life, because you would be healthier for it. It turns out that this matter was of paramount importance to me as a child, especially because I grew up with very little input from adults. Intuitively, I felt that women held a very important key to my development. As a male, I felt that women would balance my character. Of course, it would be the opposite for a woman. Little did I know that years would go by, before I understood the implications of this insight.

But, as Hegel once said, as a child, I had "made the right choice for the wrong reason." My approach was not mature, and I put women on a pedestal. Later in my life, I had to abandon this approach as I embarked on my college career, and medical training. So, I then "did the wrong thing for the right reason." I needed to train my mind in logic, and intellectual pursuits. As you probably know, medical training is very "male" driven. I recently heard John Nelson, MD, a colleague of mine, and former President of the AMA, tell the story of how he was chewed out as an Intern for crying with a grieving widow. He was summarily told he should not "act like a woman."

In the last few years, my over-reliance on logic, and intellectual training has become evident. While I never abandoned my intuition, and my "femaleness," I have sought to convince people, and doctors in particular, that our health care system is in shambles through an intellectual approach. I have finally realized that I need to, once again, rely more on that which is not seen, but only felt. "What is important is invisible to the eye. It is only with the heart that one can see clearly." That is what the wise fox told the little prince, in the Nobel-Prize winning book of Antoine de Saint Exupery (1045.)

So, as Hegel said, I feel that now, finally, I may well be doing "the right thing for the right reason." It is right, now, to choose my heart, after I have lived, and felt, and studied long enough to see the folly of logic without feelings, intellect without heart, and knowledge without wisdom. This is why I feel this book will have a great impact on you, my friends. I am sure you have read many books about intuition, and feelings, and touchy-feely stuff. This one will be different, because it is based on concrete studies, using the brain's own tools, to put it, the brain, in its place, subservient to the heart.

Dr Pearsall will show you that the heart is not just a pump, but, that all the metaphors about the heart being the center of the soul, of true knowledge, and the seat of our consciousness, are indeed true. As predicted, Dr. Pearsall states that the heart is the main "antenna" for the "energy and information" that permeates the Universe. The heart has 5,000 times more electromagnetism than the brain, which has given rise to a branch of medicine called "energy cardiology."

And one last pearl to entice you to read this book: health is the proper balance of all the energy and information coursing through your body (food, thoughts, feelings, etc.) The brain is in charge of directing these bits of information for survival. It acts in a very selfish way (the big ego) that sometimes makes us sound like idiots. Putting the brain under the scrutiny of our hearts is not easy, but it is the way to health, or enlightenment, if you like. The more we shut off the "monkey" in the head, the quieter we will be to receive, and intuit the answers, the "energy and information" we need in our own lives.